Ambition Nutrition 2021

Breakout Session: ​Leticia and Lesley

This breakout session will feature two speakers (45 min each).  They will both broaden your understanding of food insecurity and its impact on food and nutrition literacy.  Not only will they be discussing the challenges but solutions that have been achieved in our Canadian communities and internationally.  We can improve our communities as evidenced by these two inspirational speakers.

Leticia Ama Deawuo

Leticia Deawuo HeadshotLeticia Ama Deawuo is a long-time resident of Jane-Finch Community and mother of two children who has been a leading social activist work  in Jane-Finch area of Toronto and across the City of Toronto for the past 12 years. As a community resident and organizer, Leticia has been absolutely instrumental in development and formation of a number of prominent community groups and initiatives including Jane Finch On The Move, Jane Finch Action Against Poverty, Jane Finch Political Conversation Café, Black Creek Food Justice Network, Mothers-In-Motion and so on and so forth. Leticia also worked as a Community Development Worker with Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre for many years.

In her capacity as a program worker, then a program manager and now the director of the Black Creek Community Farm, Leticia has shown excellent capabilities to engage residents, allies and other stakeholders in struggles for community improvement and social and economic justice including the realization of Food security and food Justice in Jane-Finch. She has helped facilitating the formation of Black Creek Food Justice Network, Black Creek Community Farm Resident Council and has managed to bring together a wide range of allies and supporters together to work for the enhancement of the community farm and the non-profit urban food development in one of Toronto’s most excluded and disadvantaged communities.

Leticia is a member of the Toronto Food Policy Council. She is  now chair of SeedChange formerly USC Canada and is currently a part-time instructor with George Brown College.

Leticia is a recipient of the Arrell Institute, Canada Community Food Hero Award.

Leslie Campbell

Leslie Campbell

Leslie Campbell is the Director of Programs at FoodShare Toronto. As such, he oversees FoodShare’s school and community-based programs.  These programs focus on fresh produce distribution, food literacy education and nutrition, urban agriculture, and community cooking. They also seek to improve food access for people and communities currently underserved by the food system.

Leslie has had the privilege to work alongside communities to support food production and food security programming. His work includes a diverse range of contexts in Canada and the US, as well as Indonesia, Thailand, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Kenya. These experiences gave him a broad and unique perspective on issues of food security and how it relates to food access and community development.

Leslie follows ongoing conversations about food insecurity in the context of North America. He is heartened by efforts to broaden these conversations to ensure they include the voices and perspectives of those most affected. But more work is needed.  For Leslie, there is a strong need for income-based solutions to food insecurity. As a result, we must address the roots of poverty that determine who faces the greatest barriers to food access.