Ambition Nutrition 2021

Linda Gillis & Moira Cockburn

Hosted by Private: Moira Cockburn Linda Gillis

This breakout session will give you a break from listening and give you a chance to play!  Dr. Linda Gillis and Ms. Moira Cockburn will give a brief description of how the George Brown College “Nutr​ition Literacy Certificate” (NLC) was developed. Adults, young and old, want to receive education in an engaging format with many ‘clicks’ and different visual modalities.  You will be given full access to the NLC to learn new virtual tricks for engaging populations of different cultures, learning styles and interests.

Moira Cockburn Headshot

Private: Moira Cockburn, M. Sc.

Moira Cockburn is a Food Scientist and brings with her over 20 years of hands-on research and development experience in consumer packaged goods. Currently, she is the Program Coordinator, as well as a Professor within the Culinary Management Nutrition program at George Brown College, Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts.  This unique program recognizes the convergence of culinary, nutrition, and food science theory that students will need to be successful as they enter a demanding and dynamic labour market.    Throughout her work at George Brown College, she has been actively involved in college applied research and has led over 15 research projects.  Through these initiatives, she engages students, helps connect them with industry, and provides them with first hand and real time experiences. Prior to George Brown College, Moira was a Product Development Manager at The Food Development Group where she worked with clients to develop and launch new …Read More

headshot of Linda Gillis

Linda Gillis, RD, PhD

Linda Gillis, RD, PhD, came to George Brown College in May 2016 after spending 20 years at McMaster Children’s Hospital as a clinical Registered Dietitian and Researcher in the field of Childhood Obesity. She was an Assistant Professor at McMaster University, and her research interests included how nutrition and exercise interacted to treat obesity and its complications.

She is known for her expertise in research and education and acts as a consultant and educator at various universities and hospitals. She has won awards for her speaking abilities and uses humour and creative learning techniques to interest participants and learners of all ages.