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headshot of Sharon Booy

Chef Sharon Booy

Sharon Booy is a part time professor at George Brown College  and owner/operator of Sharon Dishes: a company dedicated to helping people get back to eating real, whole and nutritious foods. Sharon holds a Bachelor of Social Work from Ryerson University and is a graduate of the Culinary Management Nutrition program at George Brown College.

Sharon has worked around food on the family fruit farm and in kitchens from a young age and upon graduating from George Brown years later, honed her culinary skills in the kitchen of one of the top restaurants in Toronto.  Sharon has experience in the arena of nutritional cuisine having worked as a researcher and recipe developer and has worked with George Brown College on projects tackling Ethno-specific diabetes; Nutrition for cancer survivors; and Alternatives for gluten-free diets. 

She is the Wellness Chef at Central Toronto Community Health Centre (CTCHC) focusing on accessible, delicious and nutritious food for the prevention and management of chronic disease and is currently leading a collaborative research project in this area. Sharon hopes to continue building on years of work in the areas of food security, nutrition, community health, food environments and education.