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headshot of Hana James

Hana James

co-founder of Greenhouse Juice Co.

After earning her Bachelor of Science at McGill University in 2009, Hana was preparing to apply for medical school when she decided to take some time off to work in the food service industry. Though her previous work experience had largely been in hospitals, doctor’s offices and research labs, it was in a small, health food café where Hana discovered her true passion. She quickly realized how much she loved interacting with people, and educating them about how to use food as medicine.

In October 2011, Hana founded Café Shu, a juice bar and healthy café. She owned and managed two locations – one in Rosedale and one on King Street West – for over two years, single-handedly taking care of everything from food production to human resources and advertising. In the spring of 2013, Hana closed Café Shu and joined some of her oldest friends in founding Greenhouse Juice Co., a cold-pressed juice company in Rosedale, which she has been operating since its opening on January 8, 2014.