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Lynn Roblin

Lynn Roblin is a Registered Dietitian and was the Senior Policy Consultant at Nutrition Connections, a centre within the Ontario Public Health Association, for over six years. Lynn’s areas of expertise include health promotion, healthy eating and food literacy. Her focus is on knowledge exchange and supporting actions to facilitate healthy eating and nutrition policies and programs at the local, provincial and national level. She has worked with Dietitians of Canada, provincial and federal governments, and the food industry as a consultant. Lynn was involved in the creation of the 1992 and 2007 Canada’s Food Guides with Health Canada. She has created resources for consumers and professionals and produced cookbooks, including Suppertime Survival and Dietitians of Canada’s Great Food Fast. She co-chaired the collaborative group of food system players developing the Ontario Food and Nutrition Strategy. She was a founding member of the Halton Food Council and a former board member of the Halton Fresh Food Box program. Lynn is currently involved in applied research to understand the state of healthy eating and food literacy in Ontario and Canada.