What we do

a chef fixing his outfit in front of a mirror

About Us

We are educators, scientists and researchers with a broad range of skills and experience. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the areas of culinary arts and nutrition by conducting research, collaborating with other agencies and providing our students with the opportunity to make advancements in this area.


We are constantly collaborating with other associations to make progress in this exciting area. Our previous projects and initiatives include:

  • hosting the Ambition Nutrition Symposium – a conference devoted to combining nutrition and the culinary arts
  • developing healthy recipes for cancer survivors
  • designing a cookbook with kid-friendly meals
  • creating a resource to help people use leftovers and reduce food waste

Nutrition Programs

Our programs provide students with the knowledge and practical skills to address the growing demand for healthier and more nutritious options. Through a combination of coursework and practical cooking labs, students are taught how to incorporate nutrition concepts along with culinary techniques to develop healthier menu items.

We are constantly working at improving our programs to keep up with the demands of this growing industry.