Whether foods in your household are discarded because of a busy schedule, a picky eater, or a lack of enthusiasm for leftovers, the recipes and tips in this book are good for your health and your bank account.

For this new recipe book, the focus is preventing food waste, while helping parents and children eat lots of fruits and vegetables. 

George Brown College’s Food Innovation and Research Studio (FIRSt)  supported the project leaders; The University of Guelph, along with other collaborators, the Guelph Food Waste Research Group, and The Helderleigh Foundation to create this book. Love Food Hate Waste Canada, an initiative of The National Zero Waste Council, has also generously shared their food waste reduction materials to bring this book to life.

The cookbook also features fun instructional videos demonstrating how to prepare some of the recipes.

Download a copy of Rock What You’ve Got: Recipes for Preventing Food Waste.

Watch the instructional videos featuring three delicious recipes: https://guelphfamilyhealthstudy.com/2019/09/19/rock-what-youve-got-recipes-for-reducing-food-waste/?mc_cid=96abb27ffb&mc_eid=1b44b5a8a7